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Quand les soldats cherchent l'humanité (la leur?) auprès des animaux

While raking the volleyball court at the Camp Pendleton Marine Corps. base barracks (in CA), this person found a dead rabbit (fully grown). As he continued raking, he found a small hole with 4 tiny, tiny rabbits in it. He grabbed a box, put a few old shirts into it, and picked up the bunnies.

He researched how to raise them and what to feed them. He made a nice box for them to live in and bottle fed them four times a day for two months until he could ween them to eat the local foods.

Their temporary foster names while under his care:
Steven, Raymond, Vaughn and James.

Here's lil' Steven: http://i.imgur.com/JqLtQzG.jpg

After a couple of months of TLC, he then brought them to a wildlife rescue.

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